2010-02-28: Site complete.

2010-03-18: Lyrics section added.

2010-03-25: Painting added.

2010-05-03: Fourth revision of book complete.

2010-10-24: Fifth revision of book complete.

2011-04-02: Sixth and final revision of book complete.

2011-04-22: Introduction of ISAH sent to Symposion.

2011-05-25: Rejection from Symposion received.

2011-08-25: Rejection from Natur och Kultur received.

2011-09-20: Preliminary 7th and final revision complete.

2011-10-04: Revision G ready for book design.

2011-10-17: Designed book sent to print.

2011-10-24: Final version sent for print (after review of sample book).

2011-11-10: First 50 books delivered, but with apparent errors. Reprint needed.

2011-11-15: Yet another 50 books delivered, now with no apparent errors.

2011-11-20: Book released.

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